viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

MyCandyEyes, how the Trap is settled.

So, ever wondered if those bad reviews are true? You think is only because people won't wait a few more days? Well, you are in for an awakening.

Have you noticed MyCandyEyes supplies for wholesalers? If not, I did. I was interested in trying to buy from them, because they had really good price. They tend to do, week yo week they change their 'SPECIAL PROMOTION' that always is '18 usd each!', '20 usd each!', '15 usd each!', of course, these are good number for being a client. So, I decided to give them an opportunity. Not to mention, I searched for reviews but the only things that said 'review' on where good reviews.

I didn't find anything bad until I looked hard for it.

As I was saying, I was interested in supplies for wholesalers. And that means, I wanted to invest more than just $20 on this. I've done it before so I wasn't afraid of it.
I sent them an email to ask them some questions about their products, shipping method and expected time delivery, discounts,... etc. All those messages, they replied in THE SAME DAY. Yes, I found them logged in, so they -or he, at least- asnwered back every message. A total of 17 messages was the needed to finally, make the order.
17 messages in a role in the same day. Not to say, the other 3 or 4 needed to finish up everything in the following days.

Sound great huh?

Yeahp. It does.

Until suddenly, when they get your payment, they won't respond ever again.
Never. Not once. When you buy wholesale, you treat things differently because you require a lot of products to be sent so you are informed with the items in stock, the ones that are not, etc etc etc. But every wholesale seller will comunicate with you as soon as they can because they're looking at a highly important costumer.

After almost two weeks of no new messages, I decided to give them a last message. I told them I was always patient and understanding, but that doesn't meant I wouldn't care about being ignored. I told them to give me an answer, for this transaction is not a little thing like 'oh we forgot about responding to yourse' 'we got confused with another client' -not that those aren't important, just that a wholesale is a notorious thing and it's practically impossible not to be aware of it- and if I didn't get any soon, I would understand this as a scam. I told them I didn't want to make a bad review about them or to talk bad about their business, but for that to happen they'd have to prove it by responding with the information I solicitated, or if they wouldn't have an explanation or soon solution, then they could give me a refund, and I would leave it there.

So here I am, waiting.... while I take care of gathering some extra information, in case this goes on like this. And I've found out some quite interesting things, that being that this is actually a scam, would make a lot of sense.

I can't tell you not to buy from them. But I can and will warn you and reccomend you not to do it, although I believe you'd think it twice before you do.

And of course, Jay, Jamil, Jibrael and some other J names or whatever you are actually called, if you are reading this, I think you should at least message me back.